All Items List all items weapons and accessories are what players need to know in the game of When you know the features and names of these items, you can dominate the game. In this article, we will examine all items list. games are the latest ones that impact the majority of game lovers. In fact, they play a key role in satisfying the needs of players with the most advanced features. It is a web-based game allowing a person to play the same on personal computers directly. Moreover, the game also offers an app for mobile phone users and they can download it with ease. Players should aware of all items properly before playing a game. This, in turn, gives ways to secure high points enabling a player to reach the next levels.

Knowing More About All Items

Although all items involve several things, items generally refer to hats and accessories and a player should know about them in detail. Hats are an ideal choice for players to defend against enemies and attacks from opponents. Since there are different types of hats available, a player and he/she can choose them based on the choices. It is possible to purchase the hats with gold while playing a game. On the other hand, a player can wear only one hat when playing games. There is no best hat defined for players and all hats are preferable in different situations.

There are different types of weapons in the game. These items are divided into two groups which are primary and secondary weapons. You can see a mixed list of two types of weapons in the section below.

  • Crossbow
  • Repeater Crossbow
  • Hunting Bow
  • Bat
  • Musket
  • Daggers
  • Great Axe
  • Hand Axe
  • Great Hammer
  • Katana
  • Polearm
  • Short Sword
  • Stick
  • Tool Hammer
  • Stone Shield
  • Wooden Shield all items

Accessories in Games

Accessories are items in games that play a key role in protecting a player from unwanted problems. While accessories provide high effects to players, some of them are purely aesthetic. Each accessory lets players defend opponents or other players with high success rates. There are some accessories a player can use them along with gears that can damage enemies and others accordingly. Moreover, some accessories provide methods to increase the sight range when a player wants to defend others. It is advisable to gather more information about them from a website while playing a game. You can try private server to play with more customized items.

The following section includes the hats and the gold price required to wear them to your character.

Shame! – Free

Moo Cap – Free

Apple Cap – Free

Moo Head – Free

Pig Head – Free

Fluff Head – Free

Pandou Head – Free

Bear Head – Free

Monkey Head – Free

Polar Head – Free

Fez Hat – Free

Enigma Hat – Free

Blitz Hat – Free

Bob XIII Hat – Free

Pumpkin – 50

Bummel Hat – 100

Straw Hat – 500

Winter Cap – 600

Cowboy Hat – 1000

Ranger Hat – 2000

Explorer Hat – 2000

Flipper Hat – 2500

Marksman Cap – 3000

Bush Gear – 3000

Halo – 3000

Soldier Helmet – 4000

Anti Venom Gear – 4000

Medic Gear – 5000

Miners Helmet – 5000

Musketeer Hat – 5000

Bull Helmet – 6000

Emp Helmet – 6000

Booster Hat – 6000

Barbarian Armor – 8000

Plague Mask – 10000

Bull Mask – 10000

Windmill Hat – 10000

Spike Gear – 10000

Turret Gear – 10000

Samurai Armor – 12000

Dark Knight – 12000

Scavenger Gear – 15000

Tank Gear – 15000

Thief Gear – 15000

Bloodthirster – 20000

Assassin Gear – 20000

Hats and Accessories for Increasing The Skills

Players can enhance their skills with all items enabling them to secure high ranks on the leaderboard. For example, a camel hat makes feasible ways to walk faster in the desert terrain that allows a player to reduce 40% of damage from cactus. With a farmer hat, a player can earn 1 extra resource when he/she hits an apple tree. In the same way, a bomber backpack is suitable for a player to make damages in the surroundings when he/she dies. A player can also use other types of hats for defending enemies significantly. There are many different accessories for unblocked game.

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