Evolution and Age evolution

In, you have to focus on surviving and improving yourself. There are 10 different age levels in the evolution game. You gain XP while improving your character’s resources. When these XPs reach a certain level, you switch to the new age level. When your character’s age level increases, the number of items that can be used also increases. Evolution: Age games were first released in 2017 March. They later underwent a lot of changes on daily basis in order to fulfill the expectations of players. In May 2018, game developers introduced a 1.0 version of games with certain changes. In fact, the game came with weapons and other features that allowed players to ensure more excitement. On the other hand, players faced some difficulties, and the entertainment company release version 1.1 version after a month. In June 2018, games underwent some other changes to play them with ease. In fact, the games have seen a lot of changes frequently to play them with advanced features. There are ten age levels which are listed below.

  • Age 1: Windmill, Tool Hammer, Apple, Wood Wall, Spikes
  • Age 2: Short Sword, Daggers, Stick, Hand Axe, Polearm, Bat
  • Age 3: Cookie, Stone Wall
  • Age 4: Pit Trap, Boost Pad
  • Age 5: Greater Spikes, Mine, Sapling, Faster Windmill
  • Age 6: Hunting Bow, Great Hammer, Wooden Shield, Mc Grabby
  • Age 7: Castle Wall, Cheese, Turret, Platform, Healing Pad, Blocker, Teleporter
  • Age 8: Katana, Great Axe, Crossbow, Power Mill
  • Age 9: Repeater Crossbow, Musket, Spawn Pad, Poison Spikes, Spinning Spikes evolution

Exploring Evolution

Technologies today play a key role in the game development process allowing players to ensure a better experience. game utilizes the most advanced technical applications that aim at enhancing the abilities of players significantly. However, it is imperative to know more about evolution in detail enabling players to gain more ideas. In addition, players can even focus more on implementing the strategies while playing a game. Since the game deals with village creation, a player should know the tactics deployed in a gem from different sources. There are different types of weapons that are listed in the weapons list. Games with The Latest Version game developers released the 1.6 version in June 2018 with reduced blocker range and other features. Furthermore, entertainment companies added new features in the game for ensuring complete entertainment. 1.70 is the latest version of games available for players enabling them to explore many things. It enabled the speed of players when they want to play a game. Apart from that, the version included some other features along with levels for testing the skills of players. It is a web-based game and a player can play the same on modern browsers with ease.

About 2 Game 2 game is still in progress and players expect that the game will get released within a few months. It is a new version of evolution which will come with added features. Some of them include an inventory system, improved graphics, improved animations, and so on. Those who want to know the updates of games can search for the details online that can help witness more fun. A player should know more about the games from various websites which ultimately give ways to play a game accordingly. Also, he/she should follow the tactics and tips to win a game with ease.

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