Bosses Guide bosses is a new game where players have to gather resources for building a village. At the same time, one should know how to play it properly for reaching high levels. “Bosses” is a term used in the game and players should aware of them correctly before playing a game. It is advisable for players to get more ideas about bosses in detail before playing a game. They are actually Hostile Mobs that have extremely high health that will enhance the abilities of players in games.

What Are Bosses?

It is necessary for players to understand more about bosses while playing a game on a computer or mobile device. The bosses are MOOSTAFA, MOOFIE, SID, and VINCE.

MOOSTAFA is the first boss in the game which has 18,000 health and deals with the lowest damage. Treasure is the hostile mob that can move itself in the free games. Similarly, MOOFIE is a companion to its bigger counterpart MOOSTAFA and acts as the boss in games. It behaves just like a normal wolf which can deal with 10 damages. SID is the second boss that deals 50 damages per hit. VINCE is the third boss in that is immune to pit traps. bosses

Strategies To Beat Bosses

Players who want to beat MOOSTAFA should consider getting the cactus between them and it. Another thing is that they can hit it with a long-range weapon. Although this mob has the best AI, it works extremely low in a game. Damaging treasure in will allow a player to acquire gold, diamond, or ruby weapons. A player can utilize a bat or polearm when MOOFIE attacks him/her. Players can even create a cage for MOOFIE with a team. Apart from that, one can use daggers for killing the MOOFIE.

Where To Get Strategies For Defending Bosses?

Nowadays, there are several websites that allow players to play easily. Besides that, they will cover everything including strategies that can help to play a game without any hassles. In fact, it is possible to learn more about bosses from a website letting a player focus more on his/her objectives effectively. A player should know about technical information of bosses and other things before starting a game. The primary objective of the game is to build a village by combating enemies and opponents. Since bosses are Mobs that can cause damages in a game, players should implement the strategies effectively for obtaining high ranks.

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