Emerald Weapons emerald weapons Emerald weapons are presented to users by the developers of the game as a joke. After a while, it was revealed that these weapons could not be used and they were just a joke of the game makers. Emerald weapons in the game are Tool Hammer, Short Sword, Katana, Hand Axe, Great Axe, Polearm, Bat, Daggers, Hunting Bow, Crossbow, Great Hammer, Wooden Shield, Repeater Crossbow, Mc Grabby, and Musket.

Is It Possible To Use Emerald Weapons?

The games are not only about building a village with resources but also getting protection from enemies. A player should defend opponents in a game efficiently for ensuring high ranks. Therefore, he/she should know how to use weapons properly for preventing death with high success rates. A player should gather details about weapons including Emerald weapons for gaining more advantages. But you can’t use Emerald weapons in the game right now. You can use Gold, Ruby, or Diamond weapons instead of Emerald weapons. Moreover, players can defeat their enemies with weapons that can help them reach the next levels. A player can also enhance his/her skills with them for experiencing more adventure. emerald weapons

Getting High Protection With Weapons

Players who want to protect themselves in games should consider utilizing the right type of weapons. This will help a lot to gather resources with ease while building a village. Moreover, it is possible to clash with others that can help prevent the death of a player to a great extent. Emerald weapons are the fifth set of variants in games that give ways to heal on hit with high success rates. Before that, the games utilized Diamond weapons and Ruby weapons for combating enemies with high success rates.

Are Emerald Weapons Available Now?

The developers of games created Diamond weapons that are more potent than normal weapons. They utilized nearly 7,000 unlocked resources for and upgraded from Gold weapons, similarly, the Ruby weapons were unobtainable before version 1.6.4 and later added them. In fact, the weapons do an additional 18% damage to opponents. Besides that, Ruby weapons have a “bleed effect” which can cause severe effects on enemies. At present, the Emerald weapons are not available for players and they can access only the image sprites on a website. However, they will not function while playing games.

When Will Players Get Emerald Weapons?

Emerald weapons are an alternative to Ruby weapons instead of upgrading. Developers are likely to add them in update 1.7.0 which will help players to accomplish goals in a game. It is advisable for players to know the updates of Emerald weapons from different sources for meeting essential needs. In addition, the weapons will enable players to get high-level protection from enemies. On the other hand, they have to wait for some time that can help earn more points. There are several websites that will update the details of weapons and players should search for the details whenever they get time. Also, they will help get high ranks on the leaderboard.

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