Wiki (Weapons and Hats) wiki is a strategy io game where you can improve your character by surviving and collecting gold. In this game, you can build your own village and set up your team. There are multiple features in the game and you can find these features on the wiki page.

Features of Wiki

A player should know about the features of the wiki before playing a game. They include weapons, structures, accessories, gameplay, and community. The weapons are the important tools needed for players to defend themselves. Similarly, structures are items that allow a player to place them in the world. In the same way, one should learn more about things covered in the gameplay. Some of them include resources, mechanics, biomes, mobs, bosses, and natural resources. A player can play the game individually or with others. Resources give ways to build a structure by utilizing them properly.

Guide for Beginners

Before playing a game, it is advisable for beginners to make sure that they have enough resources. There are mobs that attack a player and he/she should get high protection from them. Therefore, they should choose their weapons when playing a game. Daggers are the best weapons for beginners because they have the highest amount. Newbies should consider choosing a good server when they want to play games. Since sandbox servers are challenging one, a player should select a small server. This will help to practice the game enabling players to enhance their skills. wiki

Primary Weapons

  • Bat – 20 Damage
  • Katana – 40 Damage
  • Daggers – 20 Damage
  • Great Axe – 35 Damage
  • Hand Axe – 30 Damage
  • Polearm – 45 Damage
  • Short Sword – 35 Damage
  • Tool Hammer – 25 Damage
  • Stick – 1 Damage

Secondary Weapons

  • Crossbow – 35 Damage
  • Great Hammer – 10 Damage
  • Hunting Bow – 25 Damage
  • Musket – 50 Damage
  • Repeater Crossbow – 30 Damage
  • Shotgun – Unknown
  • Stone Shield – 0 Damage
  • Wooden Shield – 0 Damage Accessories has a huge number of hat accessories that players can use. Each hat has its own bonuses and you must have enough gold to get these hats. The following list lists the hats and the amount of gold required to get them.

Shame! – Free

Moo Cap – Free

Apple Cap – Free

Moo Head – Free

Pig Head – Free

Fluff Head – Free

Pandou Head – Free

Bear Head – Free

Monkey Head – Free

Polar Head – Free

Fez Hat – Free

Enigma Hat – Free

Blitz Hat – Free

Bob XIII Hat – Free

Pumpkin – 50

Bummel Hat – 100

Straw Hat – 500

Winter Cap – 600

Cowboy Hat – 1000

Ranger Hat – 2000

Explorer Hat – 2000

Flipper Hat – 2500

Marksman Cap – 3000

Bush Gear – 3000

Halo – 3000

Soldier Helmet – 4000

Anti Venom Gear – 4000

Medic Gear – 5000

Miners Helmet – 5000

Musketeer Hat – 5000

Bull Helmet – 6000

Emp Helmet – 6000

Booster Hat – 6000

Barbarian Armor – 8000

Plague Mask – 10000

Bull Mask – 10000

Windmill Hat – 10000

Spike Gear – 10000

Turret Gear – 10000

Samurai Armor – 12000

Dark Knight – 12000

Scavenger Gear – 15000

Tank Gear – 15000

Thief Gear – 15000

Bloodthirster – 20000

Assassin Gear – 20000

Getting Maximum Adventure in Wiki Game

Entertainment is a must for everyone to relax their mind effectively. With mobile technologies are improving day by day, several people prefer playing games online. This is because they allow them to play anywhere with ease. Io game world offers games for those who want to explore many things. In this game, a player should focus on creating a village by gathering resources. The primary objective of the game is to provide maximum fun for players at different levels.

Following the Strategies

Since the game is a web-based one, players can play the same on a website freely to ensure more fun. On the other hand, a player should follow the strategies and tricks while playing online. wiki is a simple guide about gameplay for players. Building a shelter will help withstand enemy attacks. Apart from that, a player can form his/her own weapons for preventing attacks. It is a wise one to understand about the mechanics used in the game such as age, leaderboard, store, hats, accessories, consumables, etc. A player can get ideas on how to play a game on a website that gives ways to score high points. Moreover, he/she can implement the tactics to play a game accordingly.

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