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In, you fight for survival and castle building with many real players. In the game, you must level up quickly and build your castle, which is a good defense force. In order to be successful in the game, you must choose the right weapon. In today’s article, we will examine the weapons list.

Combating Players With Weapons

A lot of online games are available for people of all ages to get a unique experience. They even allow a person to explore many games to choose them based on the choices. It is important to know about them in detail for getting more ideas. The games are a popular one among players because they come with unique features. Anyone who wants to win the game should use weapons for combating other players effectively. There are different types of weapons which are divided into primary and secondary weapons. In fact, weapons play a key role in resource collection that helps to build a village with ease.

Types Of Weapons

The weapons are necessary for players to fight with enemies or opponents that can help get the desired outcomes. Similarly, a player can use secondary weapons in a game to gain major advantages. Players can use both weapons to defeat their enemies faster. The levels of Moomooio weapons are normal, Gold, Ruby, and Diamond. In addition, there are Emerald weapons produced for prank purposes. weapons

The primary and secondary weapons are listed below.

Primary Weapons

  • Bat – 20 Damage
  • Katana – 40 Damage
  • Daggers – 20 Damage
  • Great Axe – 35 Damage
  • Hand Axe – 30 Damage
  • Polearm – 45 Damage
  • Short Sword – 35 Damage
  • Tool Hammer – 25 Damage
  • Stick – 1 Damage

Secondary Weapons

  • Crossbow – 35 Damage
  • Great Hammer – 10 Damage
  • Hunting Bow – 25 Damage
  • Musket – 50 Damage
  • Repeater Crossbow – 30 Damage
  • Shotgun – Unknown
  • Stone Shield – 0 Damage
  • Wooden Shield – 0 Damage

Why Players Require Weapons In Games?

By using weapons in games, players can increase their level that can help avoid the power of opponents. In addition, it is possible to collect the resources easily with them and have gold to unlock new things. Another thing is that they contribute more to decrease the time of damages that show ways to defeat opponents in a few seconds. A player can unlock all primary weapons except the tool hammer in Age 2. In the same way, secondary weapons are suitable for performing specialized attacks along with the combination of primary weapons. You should check the changelog and wiki to learn new weapons in the game.

Upgrading The Levels

Those who play games should focus on getting protection from enemies and animals. In addition, it gives methods to lead in the game for getting high ranks on the leaderboard. A player should get weapons to target animals and enemies with high success rates. All weapons actually have a shield that protects a player during a gaming session. Apart from primary and secondary weapons, the game also has removed weapons and unreleased weapons to fulfill the needs of players. Players who want to get unreleased weapons should install the next version of the game which can help gain more advantages.

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