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In you have to protect your village from enemies by establishing your own village. The player with the highest gold can get first place and valuable game items. In the game, you can unite with other players and form a clan. You can use Discord servers to communicate with other players in your clan. The Discord server is available to all players for free. You have to follow some rules on these servers.

A majority of game lovers like to play game for relaxing the mind. Since it is a multi-player game, they need advanced technologies to interact with others. Discord is a chat app designed for PC game that is similar to Skype and Slack. It gives ways to make video calls, voice chat, and text with advanced applications. Users can join different servers after signing up for Discord enabling them to play games accordingly. Discord app has a downloadable PC program allowing a player to download the same with ease.

How Does Discord Work?

Discord app works like a server that let players set up a chat room for inviting people. When a player invites someone to a server, they will get a link allowing them to join in it as soon as possible. Moreover, each server gets broken down into “channels” which are available in text and voice formats. Apart from that, one can make individual channels on private servers which provide access to invited members only. On the other hand, a public server allows players to let anyone join in a room. Players can even become a part of multiple servers by making Discord as a hub for social interactions. Discord Server Link discord

Advantages Of Discord

Discord allows players to add friends from any server allowing them to have one-to-one conversations. Each Discord server functions as its own community allowing users to toggle between them quickly. Players can have lists for voice and text channels on the left side of the screen after joining in a Discord to gain major advantages. Besides that, they can add and name new channels by using plus icons. Each channel is available with various control settings enabling players to make them public or private based on the choices. With Discord, it becomes a simple one to send friend requests directly from a friend list.

How To Join In Servers?

Joining a server is easy just like clicking a link. At the same time, they need an invitation first for playing a game without any hassles. Many servers are public and players can find games through a Discord search function. In fact, there are some servers that are tagged with games. This, in turn, gives methods to play a game effectively allowing players to experience more fun. Some servers have a lot of bots that make players to enjoy games with excitement.

You can also communicate with other players in private server games with Discord servers.

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